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My iPad (covers iOS 7 for iPad 2, iPad 3rd/4th generation and iPad mini)

My iPad offers a full-color, fully illustrated, step-by-step resource for anyone using an iPad or iPad mini running iOS 7. Each task is presented in easy-to-follow steps-each with corresponding visual

Before and After Graphics for Business

As the founder of the very first desktop publishing company (PageLab) and the publisher of Before and After magazine, John McWade knows graphics. He also knows business-and the depth of that knowledge

Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio

Many photographers struggle with a mundane portfolio of work that lacks true impact. This book is a remedy for the "average" portfolio, and will enable portrait, wedding, or fashion photographers to c

Part 6: Working with Photos, Downloadable Version

Photos are a great way to enhance your presentation and PowerPoint has some terrific photo editing tools. In these lessons, you'll learn about the new tool to insert online pictures, removing the back

Setting Up a Facebook Account, Downloadable Version

Before you can connect with friends on Facebook, you have to sign up for a Facebook account.

MEL Scripting a Character Rig in Maya

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. Whether for big budget films and game productions or lower bu

SPARC Architecture Manual Version9

This is the definitive reference for the latest generation of the enormously popular and influential SPARC microprocessors - the 64-bit SPARC-V9 - which is now being used by a variety of computer syst

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Revised and Updated 5th Anniversary Edition, The: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

C.K. Prahalad argues that companies must revolutionize how they do business in developing countries if both sides of that economic equation are to prosper. Drawing on a wealth of case studies, his com

Maintaining Financial Success and Expanding into Other Markets at FeedMyPet.com

This new business analytics case study challenges readers to help a successful e-commerce startup use IPO funding to extend its niche leadership into new ventures, dissuade online competitors, and mov

Truth About Hiring the Best, The

This is the eBook version of the printed book."Talent matters. No one denies this fact. But, there is often a gap between wanting and getting talent. Cathy Fyock's 53 'Truths' provide concrete, practi

Bond Basics: A Q & A with Bennet Sedacca

In this Q & A, financial expert Bennet Sedacca gives investors an overview of the bond market, delivering advice on how to be successful in this investment arena. As former CEO of Atlantic Advisors, B

Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide

Adobe Acrobat 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide uses a combination of task-based instruction and strong visuals to teach beginning and intermediate users how to be more productive w

Batch-convert image files to PDF

If you've ever had the daunting task of scanning a book or a box of images with a flat bed scanner, you know that it isn't easy to combine all those files into a single PDF without some heavy-hitting

C++ Network Programming, Volume I: Mastering Complexity with ACE and Patterns

As networks, devices, and systems continue to evolve, software engineers face the unique challenge of creating reliable distributed applications within frequently changing environments. C++ Network Pr

Essential Ken Blanchard Collection, The

A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts. now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! Extraordinary techniques for "Leading at a Higher

Lesson 7: Configuring Route Redistribution, Downloadable Version

This lab explains the need for route redistribution, discusses the function of a boundary router, introduces the concept of a seed metric, configures a portion of the topology for EIGRP, configures a

Ultimate Leadership: Winning Execution Strategies for Your Situation

This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version."All the management advice in the world won't help you much if

mastering foreign exchange & currency options: a practical guide to the new marketplace

mastering foreign exchange & currency optionsa practical guide to the new marketplaceThe last ten years have seen a revolution inthe global foreign exchange markets. It is no longer enough for banks a